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The Housemuseum and Collection are available for public viewing on designated days each year.

All visits to the Housemuseum and Collection must be pre-booked. Available visiting sessions for 2018 are shown below.  All tours are conducted by members of the Lyon family.

School group visits to the Housemuseum and Collection are also available for groups of Year 9, 10, 11 and 12 students on designated days (selected Mondays and Tuesdays mornings) during school term periods.

If you are interested in visiting the Housemuseum, please email or telephone +61 3 9817 2300 to make a booking.

Each visiting session lasts one and a quarter hours and is limited to 25 people.

Cost of visit, including guided tour, is $25.00 per person for the general public and $6.50 for school students who are visiting as part of a school group.

Bookings are also available for private groups of up to 25 people (minimum 25 people) on designated Mondays and Tuesdays each year. Please email or telephone the Housemuseum for dates and times available for private group visits.

E museum@lyonhousemuseum.com.au
T +61 3 9817 2300

February 2019
  • Sunday 10
    10:30am 11:45am
    12:00pm 1:15pm
    1:30pm 2:45pm

  • Tuesday 12
    12:00pm 1:15pm
March 2019
April 2019
    1:30pm 2:45pm
May 2019
June 2019
August 2019
September 2019
October 2019
November 2019
December 2019
Please Note
  • The Housemuseum is a private family home - please respect it and the surrounding neighbourhood
  • To minimise impacts on surrounding residential properties guests are asked not to park in Florence Avenue.
  • All guided tours are conducted in English
  • No children under the age of 12 years
  • Eating, drinking and smoking are not permitted in the house or in the gardens
  • Photography is permitted in all publicly accessible areas of the Housemuseum (no flash, tripods or selfie sticks)
  • Do not touch the artworks, sculptures or displays
  • No entry into areas of the house which have been cordoned off
  • No sitting on furniture in the house (except Music Room)
  • No high or stiletto heels on timber floors and stairs
  • All bags/rucksacks must be checked in on arrival
  • Bags may be searched as a condition of entry to and on exiting the house
  • Please note that the Housemuseum is not suitable for wheelchair access
Please Note

Aside from any liability the owners and occupiers of the Lyon Housemuseum may have for any tort committed by them or their employees or agents, the owners and occupiers of the Lyon Housemuseum will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury suffered by you, or caused by any acts or omissions of the owners and occupiers of the Lyon Housemuseum or their employees or agents, or any other persons present at the Lyon Housemuseum.

You indemnify the owners and occupiers of the Lyon Housemuseum against all liability for or in respect of any claims, demands, actions, suits or proceedings, costs, expenses, loss, damage or injury arising out of or in connection with any of your acts or omissions while at the Lyon Housemuseum.