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The Lyon Housemuseum is the story of a partnership between collector and architect Corbett Lyon and his wife, Yueji Lyon, who began shaping a collection of Australian contemporary art more than thirty four years ago.

The first works in the Collection, 'Nude in a Landscape, 1989' by Linda Marrinon and 'Orange Building Site, 1990' by Louise Forthun, were acquired by Corbett Lyon in 1990. Since 1994, Corbett Lyon and Yueji Lyon have jointly expanded the Collection to include important works by many of Australia's most significant contemporary artists.

Today the Collection holds over 350 works by over 55 artists, representing one of the largest collections of its type in the country. Following selected artists over the course of their evolving practices, the Collection includes works by internationally recognised Australian artists Brook Andrew, Howard Arkley, Patricia Piccinini, Callum Morton, Shaun Gladwell, Daniel von Sturmer and Daniel Crooks and represents many of the key moments and important shifts in Australian artistic practice and thinking.

The Collection was established with the express intention of making works available for public viewing, and for research and education.

Daniel Crooks
  • Pan No. 7 (strange attractor)
    Pan No. 7 (strange attractor), 2010
  • Static No. 13 (underwater flight recording)
    Static No. 13 (underwater flight recording), 2010
  • Static No. 14 (composition for neon)
    Static No. 14 (composition for neon), 2010
  • Static no. 16 (fisher-yates shuffle)
    Static no. 16 (fisher-yates shuffle), 2010
  • Train No. 10 (onward backwards)
    Train No. 10 (onward backwards), 2012
  • An Embroidery of Voids
    An Embroidery of Voids, 2013
  • An Embroidery of Voids (detail)
    An Embroidery of Voids (detail), 2013
  • Truths Unveiled by Time #1
    Truths Unveiled by Time #1, 2014
  • Phantom Ride
    Phantom Ride, 2016
  • Phantom Ride (detail)
    Phantom Ride (detail), 2016